Outillages et filières pour l'extrusion des thermoplastiques

Extrusion fields specialist

For more than 35 years, Concept Outillages has specialized in thermoplastic extrusion process and designs the tools for it. The company is able to produce any type of tooling for the transformation of plastics and composites. It has extrusion lines to test your fields and calibrators.

A complete and adapted service

Concept Outillages une prestation adaptée

Study - Consulting

Our research department adapts to your requests and accompanies you in your projects.

Outillages pour l'extrusion


A powerful and experienced team in the machining makes your tools.

Concept Outillages une prestation adaptée

Test - Development

Our technicians finalize your tools internally by supplying samples. They are able to follow the product evolution on your site.

Entreprise française d'extrusion plastique

French company

We are a French and independent company. We can produce every types of tools for thermoplastic materials extrusion.



We can adapt to your requests. In order to satisfy your specifications and produce a tooling corresponding to your expectations. 

Maîtrise de la production

Production control

We control the entire production chain, from the research to the development of the tooling. This allows us to produce accurate tools.

Une équipe compétente

A competent team

With many years of experience, our team has worked on every type of tooling. It is at your service to work on your project and satisfy all your requests.

Contrôle et installation des outillages

Control and installation

We carry out tests and adjustments on all our tools to ensure the functioning and durability of these. We install them on site for an optimal extrusion.